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The web text-2-speech feature in Good Vibe allows you to link a command response to any web content, opening the doors to integrate with many 3rd party services with dynamic and static html and plain text content.

In this article we will go through simple step by step example showing how you can link a command response to a shared iTextPad note.

Creating a shared not in iTextPad

Creating a note in iTextPad is as simple as giving it a name and clicking "Go!"

Not let's add some content to this note. Once we are ready, there are two things that we need to observe in the web page to get a Good Vibe friendly link:
Copy the url in the address part (1) and then add "/" and the name of the note tab (2). In our example the full URL looks like

By default the name of the note is "Untitled", but you can name it anyway you want by double clicking on the note tab. So if we name our note "note-1", the URL would be

Add link in Good Vibe

Now, let's create a command "Read iTextPad note". For the response part, we click on the extras menu and then on "Web Text-2-Speech".
Here we paste the link from iTextPad and click Add
And we are ready to save the command.
This is it! Now we can invoke Alexa by saying "Alexa, ask Good Vibe to Read iTextPad note".